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...VINTAGE QUIXOTIC (pronounced kwik-zot-ick) is unlike any other musical experience. It is a TRIBUTE, an ode to OLD HOLLYWOOD. It is the creative passion of veteran musician and songwriter, BROOKE D. ELLIS.

Among the dazzling song tributes found on the debut, HOLLYWOOD BABYLON, is the touching ballad, “A Song for Helen”, written for the stage and screen actress of the 20’s and 30’s, Helen Chandler. She is perhaps best known as the vulnerable Mina Seward opposite Bela Lugosi in his character-defining title role in 1931’s “Dracula”. Already a well-established star of the stage, Helen went on to appear in many films with other such notable co-stars as Ramon Navarro, Walter Huston, John Barrymore, and Katherine Hepburn. Sadly, her career floundered in the mid-thirties and she developed a dependency on alcohol. After enduring fading celebrity and two failed marriages, she eventually suffered a nervous breakdown and retired from show business. It wasn’t until 1949 that she was again in the public eye, this time under tragic circumstances. Mixing pills with alcohol, she fell asleep in bed in her Hollywood apartment. Her lit cigarette caused fire, tragically resulting in third degree burns, leaving her face and upper body scarred. She lived in quiet and lonely obscurity thereafter until 1965, when she passed away at the age of 59. All but forgotten, she was cremated, and (as legend has it) her ashes remain unclaimed.

The title track, “Hollywood Babylon”, is based on the infamous book by Kenneth Anger. Name-checked in the lyrics are such tragic figures as Wally Reed, Paul Bern, Jean Harlow, Bobby Driscoll and Fatty Arbuckle. Moody and atmospheric, much like its inspiration, this tune pulls the curtain back and reveals the dark history of Hollywood.

Also among the array of grandiose songs in the VQ collection are tributes honouring a wide range of cinematic legends; a vintage slow-jazz number dedicated to the lovely Audrey Hepburn called “My Fair Audrey”; the Count rises again in the aptly heavy metal Gothic-styled tune, “Bela Lugosi’s Alive”; Italian classical guitar and soulful vocals dominate VQ’s salutation to one of the screens’ earliest and greatest male sex symbols – “Valentino”!

And there are many more to come!


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